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'Caffenol-c' by Majka Mihalikova

Pádraig Grant is delighted to announce that a new series of exhibitions will commence at his gallery on Rowe Street starting July 2nd 2022. The series will feature exhibitions by photographers working with non-digital methods of making photographic images. This “analogue” film based photography utilises alternative or traditional photo-chemical darkroom processes. First up will be Majka Mihalikova and her fascinating, dreamlike imagery entitled 'Caffenol-c'. The exhibiton will run at the gallery from July 2nd to July 16th 2022 and a launch will take place at 7.30pm on July 2nd All are welcome to attend. In her own words, Majka says that she is “trying to portray the world through my eyes and in my own way, turning simple everyday moments into everlasting ones. I enjoy presenting people’s unique beauty that sometimes they can’t or don’t want to see themselves. I try to show them, and the viewer, this beauty, through my work. I connect my subjects with the delicacy of nature and the hidden power of small plants that society disregards as weeds and I invite people to recognize their beauty also. I intend to continue exploring and experimenting with the old ways of photography in an attempt to preserve and discover more alternative ways of taking photographs more connected to the spirit of the subject and the processes involved in capturing and showcasing it to the world through the eyes of my lens. The work in this show focuses mainly on people and nature and their interconnectedness and the affect they have on each other. I find fascinating capturing the language of the body and the hidden untold stories in people’s faces and expressions. And how we as people are surrounded by nature and I find beauty in that micro-cosmic world. I explore both these worlds using both film and digital photography. Although I find that film photography definitely challenges me and shapes my character more. This particular exhibition called Caffenol-c is a collection of various subjects from both these worlds, with one thing in common, which is the alternative way in which the film and print is developed. This consisted of perfecting, then using, a recipe of coffee, vitamin c, washing soda and also vinegar. The perfect proportions for this took many hours of trial and error. My reasons for pursuing alternative techniques such as these is, quite simply, they fascinate me. I think they’re often underestimated and ignored in exchange for fast paced practices to suit the society in which we live. I am actively attempting to slow things down and inviting the viewer to take the time to stop and think and actively see the world around them. Through this I hope to connect with them and heighten their awareness of the small less visible things that can go unnoticed in both people and nature.” Majka Mihalikova is a Slovakian photographer based in Wexford town and has been undertaking a mentorship with Pádraig in film photography and darkroom practice. 'Caffenol-c' will be her first solo exhibition.

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