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Darkroom Magic!

Four Class Course
Choice of morning or e
vening classes
€60 per class or €200 for all four
Course limited to eight people per class
All materials (except film) are included in the course fee


This is an easy course that teaches the basics of darkroom practice and

is geared towards the beginner.

Over the four classes you will learn to develop and print your own black & white film,

make enlargements and learn how to make prints without a camera.

At the end of the course you will be able to work independently in a darkroom.

If you don't have a film camera one can be provided, if available.

What you will learn


  • How to set up a darkroom and use developing chemistry     

  • Develop your own black and white film     

  • Make contact sheets and test prints     

  • Using an enlarger to make bigger prints     

  • Make experimental photograms (photographs made without a camera or lens)     

  • Make pinhole photographs using plastic or tin cans and cardboard boxes


All you need is an inquisitive mind, the ability to point a camera at something

and an apron to protect your clothes from the odd splash of developer or fixer!


With every full four classes booked there are 4 hours of EXTRA darkroom time included.

Use them at your pleasure by simply booking them in and the space is yours to make some magic!

€200 all inclusive or €60 per weekly workshop (you may not want to do all the modules or have prior commitments).


If you want to continue practicing your skills there are 4 hours of darkroom rental fees included in your payment
to use at a future date. Just book them in and the space is yours to make some magic!

Please select the number of classes below. You can tell me what dates you'd like and whether you want a morning or evening session during the checkout process or via separate message or email. (Special instructions option).

However, I strongly recommend doing the full four classes to get the most from the course.

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