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Coastlight is the first book, in a series of three, featuring photographs made along the entire Wexford coastline. This first book explores the east coast stretch from Wexford’s most northerly beach at Kilmichael Point, all the way down to Ballyvalloo in the south. The book is a hardback with 168 pages and 160 black and white images. 

The objective of the exercise was to create a series of images that would elicit an emotional response; pictures that resonate with the viewer. To this end, I photographed only when I was in a receptive state of mind and the light was just right, because if I’m not in love with what I’m doing, then the images certainly won’t communicate.

There are few people to be seen in these images, as they are predominantly land and seascape photographs; the viewer becomes the person sensing, through my eyes, what it is to be present in these moments of connection.  

COASTLIGHT - Photographs of the Wexford coast

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