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Wexford Harbour, 2022

The Pádraig Grant Gallery is a destination for those who appreciate the beauty of fine art photography.


Each limited edition piece in our collection has been carefully selected by Pádraig Grant himself, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


Pádraig Grant is a renowned photographer known for his exceptional artistry and dedication to his craft. His works capture the essence of each subject and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Featured Photograph
Inkjet giclee print. Epson pigment ink on Canson Etching Rag smooth matte paper.
See the ORDER​ page for details.

Softness Falling - Wexford Harbour 2022

Wexford Books




Each print takes a lot of time to make, typically 4 to 6 hours end to end, and they are all signed and numbered as limited editions. 


Framed Sizes:

20x16 inch €345.00

30x20 inch €695.00

These are hand-made black and white prints made in a darkroom from an original image shot on film.
To make one takes time, craft, artistry, chemistry, magic and a lot of love! A distinguishing feature of this type of print is the smooth, even image surface. 
They are processed to museum archival quality standard.


All inkjet prints are made using top quality inks and papers. Each picture is signed. The paper and pigment inks used are guaranteed not to fade for at least 60 years.


Framed Sizes:

8x6 inch €35.00

12x8 inch €75.00

16x12 inch €115.00

20x16 inch €195.00

30x20 inch €345.00

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