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Release delayed to August 2020 due to the corona virus restrictions.

Pádraig Grant's Wexford Book 1 special edition cover

Extended to 104 pages plus newly designed gate fold covers! The book retails for only €29.99 (plus post) Click here to pre-order your copy of this best seller.
The estimated publication date is now August 2020 or sooner if the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions allow.

Pádraig Grant's Wexford Book 1 special edition gate fold cover

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From- Walking Belfast 1988 (Video Exhibition Piece)
Limited Editions for Sale
Samoa, New Zealand & Australia
Rwanda, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, D.R. Congo (Zaire)
Mexico and USA
Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore & Hong Kong
Syria, Lebanon, Iran & Turkey
1988 - Present
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BOOK 4 Available Now! ONLY €29.99 

Part 4 of my WEXFORD series was launched at Wexford Arts Centre on Sat Aug 31st  2019. You can buy it online for delivery world wide or pick up a copy at the venues listed below.

If you'd prefer to buy this book at a store it is stocked by:
The Book Centre, Main Street, Wexford
The Red Kettle, Mallin Street
Wexford Arts Centre, Cornmarket

Or call or email me to arrange pick up.

This book is a limited edition hardback of only 500 copies in the first edition and contains over 100 photographs. Featured are the people and places that make Wexford such a unique and inspirational place to live in or to visit. 

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